Where are you from? Where will you go? 何來?何去?

Where are you from? Where will you go? 何來?何去?

We all know the stages of our life….birth, childhood, schools, jobs / careers, marriage, children, growing old, sickness and death. How many people have ever thought about; where were you before you were born? where will you go after you are dead?

Every day, we start with getting up, brush our teeth, get dressed, go to work, then fight the traffic, go home and have dinner, etc. day in and day out, we make some ,spend it, we trade the time of our life to acquire some material objects, love, fame and name etc., and getting older along the way, then we die. this is the truth if you really think about it.

When we think about it, we begin to wonder where did “I” come from? where do “I” go when I die? and what is purpose of life?

According to the Buddha dharma, the “I” come from the eighth consciousness, it is the storage of Karma, (good and bad), which dictates one’s future becoming. within the eighth consciousness there’s Tathagata-mind which is the pure buddha nature, this mind never apart from the eighth consciousness, and it migrates with your rebirth.

Therefore, one never actually dies, only the form changes, form meaning the shape of the body. This also dictated by the Karma. for example; if a person has stilling Habits, this habit would be most compatible to what? a rat or similar, or if a person has a habit of hatred, this habit would be most compatible to what? a snake or similar. if a person is poor, but he / she always being compassionate and charitable, this habit would be most compatible to what? a wealthy and kind person. It is the habitual mind that dictates one’s future becoming of the form/body.

This is why the Buddha upon His enlightenment, feel the need to teach sentient being to practice Dharma, by following his Path, to purify our mind and spirit, so we will not fall into the lower realms of existence.

The ultimate goal is to break away from the cycle of existence; the wheel of rebirth. How? you ask, begin from here and now, moment-to-moment in our daily life, purify our body, speech and mind, neutralize our mind, view all thing with non judgmental mind. we see people doing good things, we praise, we see people doing bad things, we know what they are doing, be detached.

If we can give advice without making them angry, by all means do so, but best advice is giving by ask. Long time ago, I found out if you take upon yourself to give advice, most time people react in a negative way, most time they reacted with the attitude “Who do you think you are?”, so use wisdom.

If someone say something negative about you, first examine yourself if what they say is true, if it is, correct yourself immediately, if not true, be detached, you know they are creating negative Karma for themselves. Or do something harmful to you, if physically , get to safe place as fast as possible, if none physical, be detached. you know they are creating negative Karma for themselves.

To be spiritual free is to not live in the past, good or bad, not live in the future, that is living in the dream world, live in the “Here and Now”, yet not being attached to the phenomena. Because all things changes from moment to moment, joyful moments will end soon, so will suffering moments, if you ever think ….ooh! things are so bad, it’s like end of the world! just remember, it’s only momentary, it will change for better very soon, sometimes within only minutes.

All things are only passage of life, and in this human realm, there will always be good and bad, we only need to learn to neutralize it, bringing your mind to emptiness, this is the way to break from the cycle of rebirth, this is the Path of Dharma.

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  1. Thanks for your kindness! English is my second language, most time, topics I posted was my translation from Chinese, or whatever come to my mind, without editing, I am certain there are a lot of misspelling etc.

  2. All very true. I practice this approach in my daily life to cultivate positive Khama and in doing so am at peace with the world, myself and others.

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